Fishing:Rice Lake in Canada

Jul/29/2020 21:12:51


The walleyes were not as active as the bass, but a few were caught, including an out of slot 25” fish. Most were caught on the trusted 1/4oz ball head jig and Berkley Gulp minnow combo. The walleyes were found taking refuge from the heat in approximately 15 feet of water. Aside from the usual jig and minnow method, the classic slip-bobber and tungsten jig tipped with live leeches was the best individual producer. The technique with the slip bobber was to cruise the drop-off to deep water until we marked decent stacks of fish. We then dropped down on top of them and waited for a strike. The visual gratification that comes with watching a bobber shoot under the surface makes this method excellent for deep summer walleyes.


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