4 things to check before you buy curtains

Mar/03/2022 22:41:40

Curtains are everyone’s favourite home improvements. They look sophisticated and chic when hung on the windows, walls, and doors. But, the wrong choice of curtains may destroy your interior look.

So, what to do when you are standing among the countless curtains in the shop? Have a look to the four must-do things below to bring a stunning look to your home today!

• The first thing is design, fabric, and colour! Every curtain is made with different styles and designs. Also, the quality of fabric matters the most because it chooses how long the curtains will stay. So, never forget to check the fabric quality, choose the right colour & design.

• The curtain length & width! Another important factor to check is the size of a curtain. Curtains shorter than your doors or windows will never bring an aesthetic vibe. Measure the door, wall, window length to pick the right curtains.

• Weaving! Most people do not think about it but the finer the weaving or stitching of a curtain is, the longer it will last.

• Inquire about the cleaning process! Some delicate fabrics only need dry cleaning and others require hand wash. So, remember to know the right cleaning process for your curtains.

So next time you will go to the curtain store, recall these points to avoid the waste of money and get the perfect curtains in Byron Bay for your home.

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